The ultimate guide to Neapolitan pizza in Munich

Looking for a delicious and authentic Neapolitan pizza in Munich? Then you’ve come to the right place! I have checked out almost every place serving Neapolitan pizza in Munich and would like to present you my recommendations here. Of course, this selection may be subjective and not everyone will share my opinion. This list makes no claim to completeness and will be updated regularly. Feel also free to let me know in the comments if you know a place with delicious Neapolitan pizza! If I liked a pizza place particularly much, it also happened that I visited the restaurant a second time.

Briefly in advance, what do I mean by authentic Neapolitan pizza? The dough for Neapolitan pizza ideally rested 24 – 48 hours and is baked at high temperatures of 400 – 500 degrees Celsius in less than 2 minutes. The edge should be airy and light and the base soft and foldable.

Light and airy Neapolitan pizza at La Pizza

La Pizza_Pizza von oben
Boden der La Pizza Pizza aus München
Seitenschnitt der La Pizza Pizza aus München

I went to La Pizza twice and both times it was excellent! Thin base and a light and airy crust to kneel down – that’s the taste of real Neapolitan pizza! After devouring one pizza, I felt absolutely no fullness, an evidence of the dough’s digestibility. The pizza is baked in a traditional domed stone oven at up to 480 degrees. La Pizza also uses only the highest quality ingredients from the local regions of Italy for their toppings, which you can easily see from the menu such as San Marzano tomatoes, olives from Gaeta, sardines from Cetara, capers from Salina and and and…. The pizzas may not be the cheapest, but they are in my opinion among the best Neapolitan pizzas in Munich.


I found the interior to be cozy. Upon entering the restaurant, you could already guess the beautiful pizza dome oven out of the corner of your eye. The service was also friendly.


I opted for a Margherita with buffalo mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes.
The crust from the rim was good because slightly crisp, the crumb was light and airy and the bottom soft.
The toppings also tasted delicious, as the buffalo mozzarella in particular had a pleasantly intense flavor that I hadn’t had before.
Additionally, you got coarse sea salt and fresh oregano for seasoning, which was nice.


👍🏻 A really great handcrafted Pizza Napoletana!

La Pizza | Ledererstraße 17, 80331 Munich | 089 23237789 | Website

In less than 2 minutes in Naples with the Neapolitan pizzas from 60 Secondi

60 Secondi_Pizza
60 Secondi Pizza München Halbiert
60 Secondi Pizza München Seitenschnitt

Also 60 Secondi I visited twice because I was so excited about the first time. The second time I had then honestly not so blown away, the reasons you will read below. Consistently high pizza quality certainly belongs to the supreme discipline and overall the 60 Secondi is a recommendable address for Neapolitan pizzas.


The interior of 60 Secondi is small but nice and also offers outdoor seating. Inside, you can hardly miss the stone dome oven and even watch the pizzas being freshly baked! If the restaurant is well filled, and this can often be the case, you should be aware of the high noise level.


On the first visit I had a Margherita with buffalo mozzarella (see picture). When the pizza was served, I could tell just by looking at it that it would taste great: the crust had a slightly crispy layer and was wonderfully airy inside. The base was nice and thin.
The toppings also stood out positively: the basil and especially the buffalo mozzarella were generously distributed. The only criticism would be that it was too little tomato sauce for me.
When asked, one of the staff revealed to me that it was a Biga dough with 80% hydration. That explains a lot!

The second time was a bit disappointing as described: the dough of my Margherita tasted ok, but also not particularly outstanding. It seemed that the dough had a lower water content and also that the pizza was baked at a lower temperature, because the edge was no longer as fluffy and airy-light as the first time, but more compact and dry. Similar to last time, the sauce was rather thinly spread, but the Fior di Latte was very aromatic.


👍🏻 The first time excellent, the second time rather ok, so overall good!

60 Secondi Pizza Napoletana | Occamstraße 11, 80802 Munich | 089 38899177 | Website

Neapolitan pizza with juicy toppings at Strada del Goethe

Strada del Goethe München Pizza

Strada del Goethe belongs also to the places I visited twice because I was overwhelmed by the first time. Due to Covid-19, the first visit at Strada del Goethe only allowed take away (see pictures), but a few weeks later you could also eat on site in the restaurant. That’s why I was happy to go a second time, but this time I wasn’t quite as good as the first time (and that was take away!).


The actual restaurant of Strada del Goethe is actually located on Goethestraße but at the time they were guesting in the Münchner Stubn. There was a nice fenced-off outdoor area in front of the restaurant, where we took a seat. Although this was directly on the street across from the main train station, it was easy to talk.


Both times I had the Bufalina with cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.
The first time had blown me away! The dough was super aromatic, fluffy and was probably spread in semolina because it had a slightly tart crust, which I liked very much!
Since the Bufalina with buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes had already blown me away the first time, I took it again. This time, however, I was slightly disappointed by the pizza. The dough was doughier and more compact compared to the first time and also seemed like it had been baked longer, which took away from its airiness. On a positive note, however, this time the tomato sauce was also generously applied and this harmonized great with the aromatic cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.


👍🏻 Again, the first visit the pizza was terrific but the second time not so much. So in summary still good!

Strada del Goethe | Bayerstraße 35, 80335 Munich | 089 551113611 | Website

Long experience with Neapolitan pizza at nineOfive

nineOFive Neapolitanische Pizza München
Boden der NineOfive Pizza aus München
Seitenschnitt der NineOfive Pizza aus München

I was very excited when I heared that nineOfive is opening a store in Munich – on the one hand, because the Pizza Napoletana offer in Munich (compared to other major German cities) was rather meager until then and on the other hand, because I had only read good things about the locations in Düsseldorf and Cologne. Accordingly, I was excited and was not disappointed!


Already when entering the restaurant you could catch a glimpse of the stone dome oven!
The restaurant is stylishly furnished; sympathetically, there was a roll of kitchen paper on the table (who eats pizza with hands knows that you can never have enough paper). However, it could get quite noisy when the number of guests increased.


I had a Margherita Bufalina. The dough tasted very good: the edge had a slightly crispy surface and salty crust; it was soft, but not too chewy or rubbery. The buffalo mozzarella was generously distributed; for that, or perhaps because of it, the tomato sauce tasted a bit more subtle. The olive oil offered on the table was also of high quality!


👍🏻 A place for delicious Neapolitan pizza!

nineOfive München | Herzogstraße 29, 80803 Munich | 089 54849556 | Website

Soul food Neapolitan Pizza at Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen Neapolitanische Pizza München
Soul Kitchen Pizza München Halbiert
Seitenschnitt der Soul Kitchen Pizza aus München

Soul Kitchen with its Neapolitan pizzas had been on my list for a while, as I had already heard only good things from friends and acquaintances.


The decor is modern-minimalist, and there are seats both inside and outside. Since you only got a certain time slot when you made the reservation, the service was very brisk, yet friendly.


I had a Margherita with buffalo mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes. The crust was good because slightly crispy; however, the crumb was partially a bit doughy. The base could have been baked a bit longer for my taste, as some of the dough was still a bit too white and soft. The topping was very good, the San Marzano tomato sauce was very generously applied, making it taste very juicy and fruity. The basil served more as a decorative purpose.

In addition, olive oil was served (nice, in an Oliera), chili oil would also have been available.
My companion had a spicy version, including with Nduja, grilled peppers and olives, which was also very tasty! The pizza cutter was also a nice gimmick.


👍🏻 Definitely worth a visit! Fans of Neapolitan pizzas will not be disappointed here.

Soul Kitchen | Fraunhoferstraße 27 A, 80469 Munich | 089 23041544 | Website

Neapolitan pizza with loads of buffalo mozzarella at Mozzamo

Mozzamo Neapolitanische Pizza München
Boden der Mozzamo Pizza aus München
Seitenschnitt der Mozzamo Pizza aus München

There are only a few pizzerias in Munich that also have a mozzarella bar – ok actually only one, and that is the Mozzamo. Their mozzarella is produced fresh in Southern Italy and ordered weekly from there, and delivered exclusively. On top of that comes that the dough of the original certified Neapolitan pizza has previously rested at least 48 hours.


The restaurant at Romanplatz has a beautiful outdoor area, which is separated from the street, creating a quiet and pleasant atmosphere!


Since Mozzamo specializes in different types of mozzarella, I kind of had to try their Margherita with buffalo mozzarella. And I was not disappointed: the buffalo mozzarella was generously distributed, super aromatic and had a great consistency. Even if at first glance the edge seemed doughy, it was light and had a great harmonious flavor with perfect saltiness.


👍🏻 Overall a terrific pizza, definitely go there!

Mozzamo (Romanplatz) | Gaßnerstraße 1, 80639 Munich | 089 17118313 | Website

Original Neapolitan pizza with greetings from Italy at Rossopomodoro (Eataly)

Rossopomodoro München_Pizza

Rossopomodoro is an Italian chain for Neapolitan pizzas, which has its headquarters in Naples. There are many international outlets, such as in UK, Brazil, Denmark, Japan and Germany. After or before shopping at Eataly, it’s a good idea to stop at Rossopomodoro for a Neapolitan pizza.


The Rossopomodoro offers enough space and there is a great atmosphere in the middle of the bustling hall of Eataly to eat. As you walk in, you can also take a look at the dough and watch the busy pizzaioli freshly topping and baking the pizzas.


I had a Margherita with buffalo mozzarella and my counterpart a Diavola. For both pizzas, the verdict was the same: Visually, the pizzas looked really great, however, in my opinion, they could have been baked a little longer in the oven, because the edge was too soft and doughy, and the base, especially in the middle, was also very soggy.
The only positive thing was the topping: the generously applied tomato sauce tasted extremely fresh and the buffalo mozzarella very aromatic.


✋🏻 I was rather disappointed with the pizza after this experience, but I have many friends and acquaintances who swear by the pizzas from Rossopomodoro – so it’s best to make up your own mind about the pizzas!

Rossopomodoro (Eataly Munich | Blumenstraße 34, 80331 Munich | Website

The slightly different Neapolitan pizza at Forza Napoli

Forza Napoli Neapolitanische Pizza München

“The best pizza in the neighborhood”, that was Forza Napoli’s statement – which I of course had to follow! Not far from the Isar, in a quiet residential area in beautiful Giesing, stood the pizza food truck from Forza Napoli. Five persons impressively worked in such a small place, processing the orders, preparing and baking the pizzas (in an electric oven). In the meantime, Forza Napoli also has a permanent location in Haidhausen.


The food truck was located in a quiet residential area in Giesing. Not far from the food truck there was a long tree trunk on which you could eat the pizza, which was quite nice. I haven’t been to the new location in Haidhausen yet, but there are a few indoor and outdoor places there as well.


The dough of my Margherita Bufalina had an interesting consistency, even if not necessarily in the manner of the classic Neapolitan pizza, because the edge was rather flat; the bottom was quite white. The dough tasted aromatic and light, and had a slightly chewy texture that I liked. The tomato sauce was tasty, the buffalo mozzerella’s flavour was not that strong but the shaved Parmesan gave it that certain kick.


👍🏻 Overall a well handcrafted and delicious pizza!

Forza Napoli | Johannisplatz 23, 81667 Munich | 089 926 50 893| Website

Neapolitan pizza for different tastes at Napoli Rush

Napoli Rush München Pizza
Boden der Napoli Rush Pizza aus München
Seitenschnitt der Napoli Rush Pizza aus München

Napoli Rush offers a cool concept: pizzeria and pizza store in one spot. On the one hand, you can eat pizzas directly there, take them away or have them delivered, and right in the room next door there is a small but fine selection of Italian food: from Mulino Biancho cookies, taralli, to Caputo pizza flour, pasta and canned goods. All things you’d love to take back from your Italian vacation! When it comes to the selection of pizzas, Napoli Rush leaves nothing to be desired: there are partly classic and partly creative toppings to Vegano, Veggie, Carne (meat) and Dolce (sweet). No easy choice!


While there is a small table with a few chairs inside and a few seating options outside as well, Napoli Rush is mainly focused on takeaway and delivery. Outside, you can either wait standing up or make yourself comfortable on one of the few seats.


With so many special toppings, my choice was the Vegano Pizza: hummus cream, broccoli, dried sage, cherry tomatoes, vegan parmesan (made from cashews). Visually, the pizza was definitely a stunner, especially with the purple broccoli! With all the different ingredients, the pizza tasted very exotic and unique. In my opinion, a little more hummus or another juicy topping wouldn’t have hurt because it tasted a little dry overall. However, the dough was flavorful and light, the base was soft and the crust slightly chewy, which I found very tasty!


👍🏻 At Napoli Rush, you’ll not only get fancy toppings but also an awesome Neapolitan pizza!

Napoli Rush | Theresienstraße 156, 80333 Munich | 089 379 197 16 | Website

My favorite place to eat Neapolitan pizza in Munich

🏆 ‘And which is the best pizza?’ some may now ask. The “best pizza” is, as I said, always a subjective thing. Sometimes you got a totally delicious pizza and the other time a rather mediocre one. Based on my previous experiences at pizza places, La Pizza takes first place for me personally. For the reason that they have consistently delivered excellent light and airy Neapolitan pizzas with high quality ingredients. It is not quite cheap there, but quality sometimes has its price.

I also tried pizzas in these places, but they did not make it on the list

Some of you might think: ‘Hey, you forgot this place!’ or ‘The pizza at XY is also really good!’ Tastes are different, of course, and someone may define Neapolitan pizza differently than I do. Besides the addresses mentioned above, I also tried pizzas from other places, but they didn’t make it to the list: Dr. Drooly, Partenopeo, Royal Cookhouse Pizzeria, The Italian Shot.

Discover more

You’d like to start making pizza right away, but you’re wondering where to start? We have summarized the most important information on the following page for you.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post about Neapolitan Pizza restaurants in Munich was valuable to you. If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to let me know in the comments. I’d appreciate it if you could share this article with your friends.



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      Hi Anne,

      thanks for your feedback! Glad that this guide is helpful for you! Have fun checking them out 😉


  2. M Pizza 17. July 2022 at 20:07

    Based on you recommendations I would also advise you to try Locanda Busento, which has a dough very close to Mozzamo, but a bit more flavour usually I would say.

    1. Julia 24. July 2022 at 22:14

      Hi, thanks for your tip! I already heard some people recommending Locanda Busento, I should really give it try!


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