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Master American-style pizza with these 3 books

After baking Neapolitan and Roman pizzas for quite some time now, I started to broaden my pizza horizons a few...
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Ooni Karu 16, the all-rounder among the pizza ovens

If you want to take the fun of making pizza to the extreme, the Ooni Karu 16 pizza oven is...
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7 Vegan Pizza Inspirations you have to try

On the occasion of Veganuary, I would like to show you seven different vegan pizza inspirations in this post. More...
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How to shape the pizza dough

After having kneaded the pizza dough, it should be formed into a round ball with as smooth a surface as...
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Tired of kneading dough? Try this No-Knead Pizza

You want to eat a delicious pizza, but you don't want to spend a lot of time kneading the dough?...
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I tried the Nancy Silverton Pizza recipe and loved it

Some time ago I came across Nancy Silverton's pizza recipe from her book The Mozza Cookbook*. The pizza is quite...
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5 Pizza Books I Enjoyed Reading in 2021

In this post, I'd like to share with you a few of the pizza books I've read this year. The...
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5 common mistakes when making pizza

Just between ourselves, every now and then even inveterate Pizzaiolos make mistakes when baking pizza. Luckily, as you can learn...
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4 scary ideas for a Halloween pizza

Halloween is just around the corner and you are looking for ideas for a Halloween pizza on this spooky occasion?...
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Outstanding Neapolitan pizza with Molino Dallagiovanna Flour

Molino Dallagiovanna flours may be familiar to some pizza fans. Because these flours stand for a long tradition and the...
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