Hooray, I am Ooni Ambassador now!

Who always wanted to be an ambassador when they were a little kid? Not me. But Ooni ambassador? Hell yeah! 😀

I am into pizza for over 4 years now. The pizza passion has grown so much in that time that I started this pizza blog “manopasto” last year. With this, I wanted to create a platform where I can share my pizza experiences and passion with other pizza enthusiasts! I’m not only a big fan of Neapolitan pizza, but also of Roman and American style pizzas – all different in making and taste, but each uniquely delicious in their own way. With the Ooni Koda 16, it’s easy to bake all these different styles of pizza!

Never could I have guessed where the pizza journey would take me and how many great people I would meet in the pizza community. Being an Ooni Ambassador now is like receiving an accolade! I feel honored and incredibly happy to be a part of the Ooni community!

Pizza is life ✌🏻

Want to know what great pizzas you can bake in the Ooni ovens? Then check my blog regularly and subscribe to my social media channels to not miss anything!

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