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Active Dry Yeast
Active Dry Yeast (ADY) is a dried form of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fungi and is dissolved in warm water for activation. Active Dry Yeast is not available in Germany or is at least extremely difficult to obtain.

In an autolysis dough, only flour and water are mixed together, without yeast and salt. It is enough to mix the dough only until no dry flour residues remain. The autolysis dough is covered and rests for at least 20 minutes, this can be done at room temperature or in the refrigerator (I usually prefer 1 hour in the refrigerator). During autolysis, starch and protein swell with the water and the gluten protein can develop a stable gluten structure. As a result, the dough must be kneaded for a shorter time. The shorter kneading time reduces the oxidation of the colorants contained in the flour, which has a positive effect on the color, taste and texture of the subsequent dough.
If you want to learn more about autolysis, make sure to check out my recipe for the Neapolitan pizza with autolysis dough.

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