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Baker's Percentage
Water, yeast and salt are given as a percentage of the flour weight. In this case, the quantity of flour corresponds to 100%.

1 kg flour = 100%
600 gr water = 60%
1 gr yeast = 0.1%
30 gr salt = 3%

Biga is a pre-dough with a water content of 40% - 60%. The yeast content is usually 1% of the amount of flour.

Example of a biga pre-dough:
1 kg flour = 100%
400 - 600 gr water = 40% - 60%
10 gr yeast = 1%
Flour, water and yeast are mixed together to produce a comparatively dry and lumpy consistency. The Biga pre-dough rests at about 18 degrees for up to 24 hours to reach its complete maturation. The Biga pre-dough is said to result in a better flavor and longer freshness.

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