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Sourdough is a leavened dough that is usually kept permanently in fermentation by lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. The resulting carbon dioxide loosens the dough. Like yeast, sourdough can be used as a leavening agent for pizza dough.

Stock proofing
Stock proofing refers to the proofing of the total dough mass.

Stretch and Fold
See also Folding. The dough is stretched and folded over itself. Folding the dough and the subsequent rest intervals of up to 30 minutes help the dough to develop a stable gluten framework and give the dough more strength. Each folding unit has a significant effect on dough strength. Especially for doughs with high water content (70% and more), where kneading is more difficult, the Stretch and Fold method is recommended to build up the gluten framework in a natural way.

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