About me

Welcome to manopasto!

Hello, I’m Julia, I’m from Munich and I’m pretty crazy about pizza baking.

My passion for pizza was awakened by love – since my better half has Italian roots, sooner or later you inevitably come across pizza.

From initial interest it soon became a passion that has now lasted for years. I asked myself a lot of questions at the beginning of my pizza hobby, researched for months, browsed internet forums and watched hours of videos on Youtube (and still do).
In search of supposedly trivial information, the big world of pizza opened up to me. Although you might think that pizza is pretty simple with its four basic ingredients of water, flour, yeast, and salt, it’s only when you dig deeper that you realize how diverse and complex the pizza universe can be.
My urge therefore grew to create a platform where I could share my knowledge and passion with other pizza enthusiasts.

manopasto is derived from the international planned language Esperanto and means hand (mano) and dough (pasto). As universal as the language can be used, so is the enthusiasm for pizza around the world.

Eating a good pizza is a mental treat.
Sharing a good one with pizza with loved ones is even more enjoyable.
I hope that making pizza will bring you the same joy that it brings me, and that manopasto can help you with that.

Have fun browsing the blog!