The Pizza Cosacca – Simple, delicious and different

Fancy something new, but you want it to be simple and not too time-consuming? Try the Pizza Cosacca. The Pizza Cosacca is very popular in Naples, but outside of Italy it is usually overshadowed by the fame of Pizza Margherita.

History of the Pizza Cosacca

According to history books, the Pizza Cosacca is said to have originated in the early 19th century as a tribute to Russian Tsar Nicholas II, who was visiting Naples. It is distinguished by the absence of an ingredient that later proved fundamental to the success of the Margherita: the mozzarella. The Pizza Cosacca, named in honor of the Russian kings, does not include our most famous dairy product; instead, grated cheese is liberally sprinkled on the pizza, which is said to symbolize snow.

lternatively, however, it is also claimed that the cosacca is actually much older: in fact, it is the pizza that the pizzaioli ate at the end of their shift, when the mozzarella for the calzone and margherita had run out. Whatever the true story is, it’s definitely delicious!

Behind the Pizza Cosacca is actually a very simple pizza: tomato sauce and aromatic hard cheese for example Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino or Caciocavallo. And ready is this simple, but still super tasty pizza! It’s best to shave the hard cheese directly over the hot, fully baked pizza.

You can base your preparation of the pizza on my standard Neapolitan pizza recipe, which I explain in detail here.

Ingredients (for one pizza)

  • 70 gr Tomato sauce
  • 50 gr hard cheese, e.g. Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino or Caciocavallo
  • A few basil leaves


  • Put the basil leaves in a bowl with water. This ensures that the basil does not burn so quickly in the oven.
  • Fold the pizza dough, spread the tomato sauce and then put the basil leaves on it.
  • Bake the pizza.
  • Finally, slice the cheese over the hot pizza.

That’s it! Time to enjoy your freshly baked Pizza Cosacca!

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